XKPasswd – Secure Memorable Passwords

XKPasswd – Secure Memorable Passwords. Just like it says on the tin. Inspired by a XKCD comic that explained why passwords made of random words are harder to crack than random strings of letters/numbers/characters.

Short-term File Sharing — Torpedo

Share files, passwords, and more with self-destructing private links. via Short-term File Sharing — Torpedo. Good Mac tool for sharing sensitive files and info.

How to Build a Secure Online Presence | saneadvice

All the recent news of hacking, identity theft, and security breaches has gotten me really paranoid. If you’re not yet paranoid, read this story about a smart guy who had everything well protected and still got hacked: http://medium.com/p/24eb09e026ddSo I’ve started my own personal security initiative to protect myself from hacking and identity theft. Here’s what I’ve … [Read more…]

Welcome to The Intercept – The Intercept

We have assembled a team of experienced and independent journalists and editors (see our masthead here). Our central mission is to hold the most powerful governmental and corporate factions accountable, and to do so, we will report on a wide and varied range of issues. via Welcome to The Intercept – The Intercept. Going to … [Read more…]

Hardening/Securing Mac OS X Mavericks? : apple

A useful Reddit thread on the topic of making your Mac more secure. Once again, thanks to what we know, none of this will actually keep you secure if the government wants in. And, as it currently stands in most of this country, you likely have no constitutional rights to keep them out.

How the NSA snoop-proofs its Macs | Macworld

Good, actionable, advice. Of course, if they really want to target you none of this will stop them. It will just make it a little bit harder. Also, in such circumstances, always be wary of when the person giving you the problem is telling you the cure. They will always leave out just enough to … [Read more…]