Careto (the Mask): long-running, sophisticated APT malware – Boing Boing

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have uncovered a new, long-lived piece of espionage malware called Careto (Spanish for "Mask"). The software, which attacks Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux, has been running since at least 2007 and has successfully targeted at least 380 victims in 31 countries, gaining access via directed spear-phishing attacks, which included setting up … [Read more…]

Edward Snowden interview with German television network ARD

Insightful and informative.Good questions asked of him too. Asked about what his “breaking point” was that led him to where he is today, his response was, “I would say the breaking point was seeing Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, directly lie under oath to Congress”

Obama officials weigh drone attack on US suspect

The CIA drones watching him cannot strike because he’s a U.S. citizen. The Pentagon drones that could are barred from the country where he’s hiding, and the Justice Department has not yet finished building a case against him. Four U.S. officials said the American suspected terrorist is in a country that refuses U.S. military action … [Read more…]

The Day We Fight Back – February 11th 2014

In celebration of the win against SOPA and PIPA two years ago, and in memory of one of its leaders, Aaron Swartz, we are planning a day of protest against mass surveillance, to take place this February 11th. via The Day We Fight Back – February 11th 2014. Important.

Catalog Of The Snowden Revelations | Fortuna’s Corner

Useful. Sent to me by a friend. This page catalogs various revelations by Edward Snowden, regarding the United States’ surveillance activities. Each disclosure is assigned to one of the following categories: tools and methods, overseas USG locations from which operations are undertaken, foreign officials and systems that NSA has targeted, encryption that NSA has broken, ISPs or platforms that NSA … [Read more…]

Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill: The NSA’s Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program. “At least 273 civilians in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia have been killed” : worldnews

That is why so many innocent people keep getting killed. That is what this story is about. The next time someone says "it’s just metadata," remember this story. Innocent people die because of NSA’s use of metadata: the story cites 14 women and 21 children killed in just one operation. via Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy … [Read more…]

Welcome to The Intercept – The Intercept

We have assembled a team of experienced and independent journalists and editors (see our masthead here). Our central mission is to hold the most powerful governmental and corporate factions accountable, and to do so, we will report on a wide and varied range of issues. via Welcome to The Intercept – The Intercept. Going to … [Read more…]

Schneier on Security: Today I Briefed Congress on the NSA

Today I Briefed Congress on the NSAThis morning I spent an hour in a closed room with six Members of Congress: Rep. Lofgren, Rep. Sensenbrenner, Rep. Scott, Rep. Goodlate, Rep Thompson, and Rep. Amash. No staffers, no public: just them. Lofgren asked me to brief her and a few Representatives on the NSA. She said … [Read more…]