Fight 215: Stop the Patriot Acts Mass Surveillance

Ending phone record surveillance is the first step to reining in surveillance abuses by the NSA. Please join us in making this the year we stand for privacy and liberty, not secrecy and fear. via Fight 215: Stop the Patriot Acts Mass Surveillance. So important. I called my Congress Critter. So should you.

Our Comrade The Electron – Webstock Conference Talk

We put so much care into making the Internet resilient from technical failures, but make no effort to make it resilient to political failure. We treat freedom and the rule of law like inexhaustible natural resources, rather than the fragile and precious treasures that they are. via Our Comrade The Electron – Webstock Conference Talk. … [Read more…]

Foreign Officials In the Dark About Their Own Spy Agencies Cooperation with NSA – The Intercept

The revelations of a global system of blanket surveillance have come as a great surprise to hundreds of millions of citizens around the world whose governments were operating these systems without their knowledge. But they also came as a surprise to many high-ranking political officials in countries around the world who were previously ignorant of … [Read more…]

CIA Search of Congressional Computer Sparks Constitutional Crisis – The Intercept

Two top Senate leaders declared Tuesday that the CIA’s recent conduct has undermined the separation of powers as set out in the Constitution, setting the stage for a major battle to reassert the proper balance between the two branches. Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), in a floor speech (transcript; video) that Judiciary Committee chair Patrick … [Read more…]

The Common Ground Movement | The Common Ground

This approach begins with a simple and undeniable premise: that there is no way that anyone is going to convince everyone else to accept one unified belief system. Liberals will never convert the conservatives, and the conservatives will never convert the liberals. We’re never going to all agree on the wedge issues, and it’s not … [Read more…]

Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance | Freedom of the Press Foundation

Defending yourself against the NSA, or any other government intelligence agency, is not simple, and its not something that can be solved just by downloading an app. But thanks to the dedicated work of civilian cryptographers and the free and open source software community, its still possible to have privacy on the Internet, and the … [Read more…]