Careto (the Mask): long-running, sophisticated APT malware – Boing Boing

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have uncovered a new, long-lived piece of espionage malware called Careto (Spanish for "Mask"). The software, which attacks Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux, has been running since at least 2007 and has successfully targeted at least 380 victims in 31 countries, gaining access via directed spear-phishing attacks, which included setting up fake sites to impersonate The Guardian. The Mask was thought to be the work of a government, and its targets were "government institutions, diplomatic offices and embassies, energy, oil and gas companies, research organizations and activists." It is possible that the Mask also targeted Android and Ios devices.

via Careto (the Mask): long-running, sophisticated APT malware – Boing Boing.

I’m especially fascinated by these specialized and targeted malware packages these folks have cooked up. These are the sorts of things that could only be engineered by those with the highest of skills and resources.